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Welcome to CT's Fitness - CT currently teaches the ABC and more to the West Wickham/Bromley/Hayes community!

A = Aerobics

B = Body Conditioning

C = Circuits


F = Fitness Pilates & Freestyle Fitness Yoga

Please keep a check on the website for further information.

Why choose CT's Fitness?

CT is a down to earth, friendly individual who believes that everyone needs to keep fit for their own physical and mental well being and to be role models for the future generation!

CT, like many of her fitness colleagues offer a highly professional service to their community by teaching and instructing individuals in the art of fitness.They have exstensive knowledge and skills that they would like to pass onto the local community to get you all fit and active!

CT cares about her profession and feels it is her duty to motivate individuals to achieve their goals in life!

Why don't you give CT's Fitness a try today and see what you have been missing!


  • NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES!                


Contact Details

Contact:  Chris

Mobile : 07932-594712

Email:     ctsfitness@hotmail.co.uk

Web:       www.ctsfitness.com

Have your Say!

Feedback positive or negative is welcome about CT's Fitness Sessions. Please go to the Guest book page and write away! I can only improve things if I am told what the problem is!

The more people that come to class will mean lower prices for all of you!!


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