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Apr 09 Newsletter

Posted by ctsfitness on April 7, 2009 at 11:34 PM

Hi All,
Just a few things for you to know!......
1) Easter Timetable

There will be no classes between Monday 13th & 17th April! I am having a week off to recharge my batteries and get together some new material for all classes! Be warned!
2) Night Out!
Thursday evening 16th April Diwana Curry House West Wickham either approx 7pm.......if you want to come please email me by thursday 9th April. The plan is to have a whip for alcoholic drinks and a whip for soft drinks and the meal bill will be split between everyone. There is a good choice of food at very resonable prices......
3) Price Increase 20.4.09
Unfortunately the time has come that I have to put up my class prices due to all other costs going up! I have absorbed alot of the costs over the last few years (my prices have been the same since 2004) but I can no longer do this. My hall rental has increased from 6.04.09 and because I do not know who is going to attend from one week to the next I need to make sure that I cover the rental cost at least!
All class prices (except Advanced Circuits already £5) will increasse by 50p.
However if you buy a block of 4 sessions and use them consecutively you can get a 10% discount! (excludes FP).
If you introduce a friend to one of my sessions you will receive a free session on their second visit.
Kids Fitness £3.50 45min session
Beginners Circuits/Tone 'n' Tighten/50+ Keep Fit £4.50 60min session
Fitness Pilates £6.50 per session or £5.50 per session (£33) when pay for 6 sessions in advance.
How does this compare with gyms and other classes in the locality?
Bromley Mytime charge £4.40 for a 45min primetime session and £6.40 for an adult fitness session.
Other Pilates Classes cost between £7 and £8.50 per session.
So you will be still receiving fantastic value for money!
4) Nutrition Workshop & Ebook (£8)
If you missed the first workshop and wish to attend the next one pease register your interest with me! if you cannot make the workshop but would like to buy the e-booklet then please send me a cheque for £8 and I will email you e-book.
5) Foam Rollers £12
I have been using these recently in my Pilates classes. They are a fab bit of kit....you use the roller to stretch out all your muscles! If you would like to buy from me they are £12 (RRP £20). If you want to larn how to use one then book yourself into one of my FP classes on a thursday! 12-1pm or 8.15-9.15pm.
6) Body Blitz Bootcamp 6am-6.45am day to be decided....
Is anyone up for the challenge?? Register your interest.....
7) Hulacise Session - I have 10 hoops.......register your interest.......maybe a sat morning?
8) Working in Schools - Beating Obesity/Reducing stress levels/improving fitness & posture.....
I am qualified to work with 5-16 years olds so if your school wants something different then I am available to come in and teach fitness and nutrition to all age groups. Please pass my details on.....
Final Note:
On a more cheery note I have noticed recently that alot of you are challenging yourselfs to do alot more and are becoming stronger and fitter which is fantastic to see!! So keep up the good work!
I really want to thank you for your continued support, without you there would be no CT's Fitness! Please let me have your feedback good or bad.......
Have a fab weekend and keep well,
Healthy Regards
Chris x

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