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Nov 2009 Newsletter

Posted by ctsfitness on November 7, 2009 at 9:42 AM

Hi All,



Welcome to everyone to CT's Newsletter! there has been alot of new faces in the classes over the last two months especially the 50+ Seniors class which is fantastic. It keeps me on my toes and all of you! making us all work smarter and harder.



In this edition you can read about:



1. CT's West Wickham magazine article

2. CT's level 3 Pilates course update/Volunteers Required

3. Christmas Meal Update Thursday 17th Dec 7pm at The Coney

4. CT's Marathon Update/Sponsorship & Fund Raising

5. CT's Weight Management Class Tuesday 19th January 2010 7-8.30pm

6. Countdown for Xmas





1. CT's West Wickham Magazine Article




Its 4pm and the nights are drawing in. Its dark and cold outside, it may even be raining! What are you going to do?

Is the day over for you? Are you going to hibernate? Sit in front of the telly and eats lots of comforting food? ALL WINTER?


Over the winter months lots of people follow the above pattern. They become depressed because of the short dark days, their lack of exercise and their change in diet to fat laden, high carbohydrates & processed foods.


If this describes you and you WANT to make a change then follow the five guidelines below:


Set aside some time for exercise – mark in your calendar regular time slots for physical activity and stick to them.


 If you make a hairdressers or a doctors appointment you go, do the same with your exercise.


Exercise with a buddy. This will keep you focused and make you stick to your exercise plan. Someone else is relying on you to motivate them and keep the appointment!


Exercise boosts your mood making you more alert. You will become more thoughtful about what you are eating and exercise speeds up the metabolism which will keep you from piling on the pounds!!


Make sensible food choices – eat more home made soups, stews and casseroles. You will be eating hot nutritious food which is filling, keeping those hunger pains at bay!


• Track what you are eating – write a food dairy everyday for a week to see what you are actually eating! This will probably shock you and put you back on the straight and narrow!


Eat your treats but in moderation, you do not want to be losing that extra weight in JAN 2010!


If you need further advise or motivation then contact Chris. CT’s Fitness offers classes to suit all requirements, ages and abilities. Please see advert or visit www.ctsfitness.com.


Keep the spring in your step over the winter! Health is the key to happiness!





2. CT's Level 3 Pilates Course Update - Volunteer Needed



I am currently studying for my level 3 qualification. I have done the residential theory and practical session and am now concentrating on all the paperwork and the video submission. I have to video myself teaching a Pilates class which will then be critiqued by an assessor.



The video has to follow certain criteria and I have to cover all aspects in order to pass! I think I will need to do a couple of videos to make sure that it is correct as can be!



I need your help if you want to be involved! I have already had some volunteers but need some more, if you want to be involved then please let me know.


All you need to do is fill in the PAR-Q and Initial assessment document then come to a Pilates class in Nov/Dec when I am filming.


I have the option of filming a current class if all my participants are willing to be videoed (please advise) or setting up a separate session just for the video.



Please respond by the 15th November 2009.



3. Xmas Meal Update Thursday 17th December 7pm @ The Coney, Coney Hall.


There are now 42 people attending the Xmas meal which is fab! It should be quite an evening. If you still want to come please see me asap, next week will be the last week to join in the festive fun! So get your skates on and hand over your £10 deposit in class next week. £25 for a 3 course meal, coffee & mints.



4. CT's Marathon Update


I applied for a ballot place but was unsuccessful! I have then applied for 6 different charity places and have slowly been unsuccessful in all! I really wanted to run for St Christopher Hospice or a children’s charity.



Anyway I set my mind on running the London marathon to mark my 40th Birthday next year and through perseverance I have finally managed to secure a place in the London Marathon! Yeah!!!!.......I will be running for SeeAbility.



SeeAbility used to be known as The Royal Society for the Blind. In 1992 the charity expanded its services in community based settings helping people in their own homes and by June 1994 The Royal School for the Blind became SeeAbility, reinforcing their message "Seeing Beyond Disability".



SeeAbility helps people who are blind or partially sighted and who have additional disabilities. They have worked for over 200 years with people who are blind or partially sighted and have additional disabilities, such as physical and learning disabilities, degenerative illnesses, brain injuries and mental health problems.



I have been given the opportunity to run for this charity to raise awareness and funds. I have to raise £1350 by Apr 2010.



I will be doing this through sponsorship, Xmas cake raffle, holding an aerobathon, delivering a walking course, coffee mornings, car boot fair and maybe a race night! All proceeds will go into my fund raising pot.



I have started my training and it is very hard. I will be putting in alot of effort to complete this marathon blood, sweat and tears!! I completed my first ten miles last week and it practically left me unable to walk! I am going to rest up this week and carry on my training at a slower pace! Check out my running blog on my website www.ctsfitness.com.



Where you come in!



• Sponsorship......this is the simplest way that you can help! Do you have any spare cash? i know things are tight in many households at the moment but £1 or £2 from everyone would make a big difference to my fundraising. I will be setting up an on-line sponsorship web page next week so you can do it on-line or sponsor me in class!


Can anyone make fab cakes? or do you know someone that can? would you or they mind making a cake and donating it to my fund raising efforts? I will pay for the ingredients!


• Charity Aerobathon........I will be holding a 3 hour Aerobathon in January 2010 to raise monies. The session will cover Aerobics/Circuits/Step and Dance! You can do all 4 or just one element! I will release more details next month when I have sorted out a venue and instructors......so keep your eyes peeled for more information!!!!


• Charity Walking Course....I usually run a walking course from Easter onwards. I will be selling a four week course for Apr but in March so that all proceeds from this course will go in the fundraising pot! The Walk will be on a weds night 7-8pm £5 per person so £20 for the 4 weeks. If you are interested then please contact me in the usual way. I would like 15 to 20 people so that I can raise between £300-£400.


• One off charity walk......From Priory Hospital to Keston and back Sunday December 13th 2009 11.15-12.30pm £5 per person payable in advance. Everyone welcome.


Please email me asap if you want to take part.


• Race Night…….I need to look into this more! But I have envisaged hiring what is needed and holding this social event at sparrows den where the bar can be opened up and we can make an evening of it! Possibly a friday evening in Feb 2010 when everyone is fed up!!!



If you are interested in any of these fund raising ideas then please let me know!! if you have any other ideas then please share them!


5. CT's Weight Management Class Tuesday 19th January 2010 7-8.30pm

REDUCE-ME-CISE FITNESS SESSIONS – Unique & Exciting Opportunity!

Calling all larger ladies…..CT needs you to help her, to help you to lose weight!


• Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to fit activity into your everyday life?

• Do you feel nervous of gyms and posh health clubs?

• Do you feel like you are being judged by other people so you are put off joining a local class?

STOP PRESS!!!! Tuesday 19th Jan 2010 7pm - 8.30pm Sussex Hall West Wickham

Chris is YOUR local community instructor. Chris would like to offer you the chance to work out at your own pace with like minded people! In this environment you well feel safe and secure in the knowledge that no-one is judging you and you are taking positive steps to becoming fitter and healthier!


Chris will offer you sensible eating advice and take you through safe and effective exercises that will enable you to start shifting those unwanted pounds, improve your muscle tone and become confident in your own skin!!

Reduce-me-cise Fitness Sessions are for those larger ladies who feel too uncomfortable to go to their local gyms/classes to workout. Chris will be offering dietary and exercise advise to this group.


Sessions will be held in a lovely hall in a central location….the Sussex Hall in Sussex Road West Wickham (Opposite Woolies) on a Tuesday 7-8.30pm, starting on the 19th Jan 2010.


The hall can accommodate up to 15 ladies.


The 1.5 hour session will consist of:

• A Weigh-In


• Nutrition Advice /Discussion

• Pilates/Cardio/Weights/Relaxation section

• Chat & Summary


Cost will be £8 per session per person payable in advance every 6 weeks (£48) or for only £11 per week (£66) you will also be able to attend any of her other classes in the week as well for the duration of the course! (except FP Thurs evening subject to availability). This is a bargain not to be missed! (This is a special opening offer for new clients).


If you need motivating and want to start off 2010 with support and like-minded people then you know where to come!


Ideally you need to be able to attend every week. Consistency and patience brings rewards!

If you are interested please contact Chris Tuck at CT’s Fitness by phone 07932-594712 or email at ctsfitness@hotmail.co.uk or visit www.ctsfitness.com.



6. Xmas Countdown 2009 & CT's Xmas Vouchers


There are 7 weeks yesterday until XMAS day! That means 6 weeks of classes! There is still enough time to drop a dress size. With clean healthy eating and 2/3 fitness sessions per week which incorporates getting hot and sweaty you will be able to drop a dress size!


If you are struggling to think of a present for a loved one then why dont you consider buying them a CT's Xmas Gift Voucher?


There are classes for everybody!


• For those who like jumping around Advanced Circuits - ideal for the very active - Men and Women


• For those who like stretching and strengthening - Fitness Pilates - ideal for Men and Women


• For those who like to do both but less intently then there is Beginners Circuits, Legs/Bums/Tums and Fitness Lite 'n' Easy


• For those who need to lose weight, need support and motivation there is Reduce-me-cise Fitness 2010.



So why don’t you treat your loved ones to a happy and healthy 2010 by buying them a course of fitness sessions?


• You can buy a single session voucher or a course voucher.


• £1 from every Gift Voucher will be going in to the Charity Fund Raising Pot!


I hope you have all enjoyed your classes and this newsletter! If you have anything to contribute then please contact me in the normal way!



If you wish to give me feedback positive or negative I would love to hear from you! I always strive to offer the best service possible and will continue you to do so with your feedback and support!


Thank you again for your continued support,


Healthy Regards

Chris x



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